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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Checklist for Black Friday 2022

Oct 07, 2022

2 minutes read

All set for Black Friday, 2022?

To be able to seize the biggest marketing opportunity of the year, you’ll need to plan your campaigns beforehand.

You’ll also need to ensure a seamless and glitch-free user experience on your website.

This blog post will enable you to create your very own digital marketing checklist, in order to delight customers on Black Friday.

Let’s begin!

Digital Marketing Checklist for Black Friday 2022

1. Create a Plan: Prepare a plan in advance, right from digital marketing campaigns to product shipments.

2. Develop a Responsive & User-Friendly Website

a. Check site loading time

b. Perform a server check

c. Test site speed on mobile

d. Provide the ‘add-to-cart’ option

e. Enable voice search

3. Build Your Target Audience: Narrow down keywords to build your target audience. Promote content that enables you to drive traffic.

4. Promote & Position Your Product: Promote products and keep suppliers in the loop to avoid situations where products go out-of-stock.

5. Create Excitement: Engage your target audience with countdowns, ad deals, personalized emails, interactive social media posts, and exclusive giveaways.

6. Approach Customers on Digital: Approach customers on social media and paid channels, and showcase your products on Amazon. Create a targeted landing page for ‘Black Friday’ and add it to your site menu.

7. Track Competitors: Keep a tab on what competitors are doing for Black Friday, to offer lucrative deals.

Evaluate the performance of marketing initiatives with digital analytics.

8. Streamline the Support Process: Set up user-friendly customer support, including elements such as live chat.

9. Provide Hassle-Free Returns: Create a hassle-free shipping & returns policy specific to Black Friday.

10. Retain Customers: Try to retain customers who return products and don’t convert after you’ve sent them an email. Attract them with free shipping or a complimentary gift.

11. Track and Analyze Results: Analyze sales and traffic with Google Analytics 4.

12. Offer Loyalty Programs: Always give your customers a reason to return to your website. Offer discounted gift cards for subsequent visits.

Key Takeaway

Black Friday sales are expected to rise in 2022. Provide customers with a glitch-free website so they can make the most of the shopping season.

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