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Conversion Rate Optimization

“A website without Conversion Rate Optimization is like a car without wheels – it takes you nowhere”.

Are your prospects heading to their intended destination?

The goal of every business is the same-conversion, the intended destination. To reach this destination, you must understand how prospects navigate on your website, what paths they take, and what roadblocks they face.

This is where Conversion Rate Optimization comes in!

Our CRO service helps improve metrics that matter the most to your business. This may involve improving existing call to actions, landing pages, or simply removing unnecessary steps from your conversion funnel.

So, if you are missing a conversion rate optimization strategy, you are missing out on an opportunity to make the most of your website as a sales or marketing tool.


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Our Strategy

Marketing success needs a plan. To maximize your conversion rate, we follow a two-step CRO strategy


Find Out the Wrong

CRO is more about finding the right type of customers and not just blindly optimizing a given campaign or a page. Our expertise in it includes making your CTAs apparent, placing them to traffic-heavy pages, and turning passive users into valuable conversions.


Implement the Right

CRO gives you the power to identify what isn’t working and how you can fix it. Once we know the leakages in your sales funnel, the next step is to fix them in the CRO plan. It includes improving strategies that are not moving the needle.

Services We Provide

Our Conversion Rate Optimization service includes the following areas of analysis and services:


When users interact with your website, their behavior matters. User analysis entails understanding user behavior better and personalized experiences for the right audience at the right time. Our CRO experts focus on improving user experience, which is why we remove barriers to effective conversion.

Conversion FunnelAnalysis

A conversion funnel is a path any visitor traverses before converting. Between the entrance and conversion page, every visitor has an opportunity to get distracted and leave. We perform analysis to make sure your conversion funnels are not too intricate so that qualified visitors are on the right track to conversion.

Landing Page Design

A landing page, on average, has a conversion rate between 1 percent to 3 percent. But well-optimized landing pages may have a conversion rate in double digits. Our team of experts helps businesses with landing page designs that are optimized for conversion.

A/B Testing

When presented with two options, the best strategy is to test both. That’s why we create two versions of a digital asset and use CRO to test them against each other. A/B testing can give you higher ROI as sometimes, even a minor change can bring a significant increase in the conversion rate.

Heatmap and Click Tracking

To optimize your conversion rate you need to know where people click on your website and which areas go unnoticed. We take deeper insights to understand visitors and their interactions. Heatmaps also show you how far a user scrolled and where his attention disappeared.

Optimization Process

A CRO strategy is not a one-size-fits-all deal. We tailor our processes and strategy depending on your business requirements. Our process is goal-oriented and provides you with improved customer insights and a better ROI.

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Our Expertise

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Why CRO Is Important For Your Business?

While metrics like ranking, traffic, etc. are important, monitoring and improving your conversion rate is more effective. This drives metrics that really matter like revenue and sales.

That’s why conversion rate optimization or CRO, has become so important. It gives you the power to identify what isn’t working and fix it for better ROI.

Your business, therefore, needs every element working together to maximize your conversions.


Why We Are the Best?

Grazitti Interactive has years of collective experience in optimizing conversions and can help you capture insights that matter. So, let’s make a difference together!


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Built high performing AdWords campaigns that increased traffic to the website


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Paid media services with an effective cross platform strategy for improved website traffic and conversions


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Technical SEO services that resulted in high user engagement and lead generation

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