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Deciphering Search Intent

You might have heard the phrase, “Content is king”, but do you know who’s ruling the SERPs? It is ‘search intent’, folks!

‘Search Intent’ has now become the driving fuel of ‘Search Engine Optimization’. After the 2019 BERT update, reflecting search intent within your content has become even more significant.

In a nutshell, meeting search intent is Google’s #1 goal.

Hence, Search Intent needs to be a big part of your SEO strategy.

But first things first, you should learn how to decipher search intent.

Tom, a software developer, is fond of gadgets. He keeps himself updated on the latest releases and upgrades and knows which brand to purchase.

On the other hand, there is Jim, a sales manager, who looks for gadgets only when his old one needs replacement.

Since both have different needs and interests, their choices will vary. While Tom will only prefer to purchase specific brands thanks to his exhaustive research about gadgets, Jim will have a myriad of options to choose from.

This example clearly explains the concept of Search Intent.

In this crisp infographic, we discuss search intent in detail and how you can use it for your business.

To view this infographic in high-resolution, click here.


Originally published on MarketingProfs