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We Utilize a Full Suite of SEM Formats That Deliver Best Results for Your Business Goals.

Search Engine Marketing

“Let’s not just drive clicks and traffic to your site, but drive the right clicks and the right traffic”.

It always needs extra effort to stay at the top of search engine results pages. And, because we know it’s not child’s play, we go the extra mile to maximize the search visibility of your web properties.

Our search engine marketing service encompasses a myriad of paid advertising channels to deliver the most conversions for a given budget. We have a team that assists clients in executing highly profitable paid campaigns globally.

We are well aware that the goal of a business is to not just have a good-looking website but to have a website that generates leads or sales continuously. The key to this is targeted traffic that is truly interested in your products or services.


Let’s Uncover It

Has PPC Been Profitable for Your Business?

Our Strategy

Our search engine marketing service includes proper planning, optimization, and execution of paid ad campaigns for better ROI. Here’s why you should choose our SEM service:


We include our SEM experts, cross-functional teams and institutional leadership to frame a strategy and fuel the decision-making process for you. Such a vision enhances your online success.


We help you make data-driven decisions that improve your customer experience and productivity level, thereby enabling you to recognize new revenue streams and maintaining a competitive advantage.

Goal-Oriented Tracking

We help you stay on track and fix any deviations from your project plan by offering a goal-oriented strategy that also allows you to adjust and tailor your campaign to drive potential outcomes.


We enable you to stay on top of all key metrics of your SEM campaigns like the Click-through Rate (CTR), click impressions, return on ad spend, etc. so that you can deep-dive into the health of all your campaigns.


We do a regular analysis of your paid campaigns running on different channels. It helps us figure out what visuals or communications are working well and what improvements can be initiated without any delay.

Services We Provide

Paid SearchCampaign Management

We offer large and small paid search advertising on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. We have experts to optimize your SEM campaigns for maximum success.

Remarketing and Retargeting

We improve your conversion rate with remarketing and retargeting strategies, thereby allowing you to reach out to the 98% people who landed on your website but didn’t complete your call to action.

Video CampaignManagement

We run video ad campaigns and measure their impact at every stage of the sales cycle. Our expert team helps your business get the recognition it needs with video ads across a range of platforms.

Want to Build a Strategy That Prioritizes Your Business Goals?

Our Expertise

GooglePremier Partner

20+ CertifiedDigital Marketing Experts

100+ Years of Combined Experience

50+ Clients Served Globally

Why SEM Is Important for Your Business?

For a strong digital marketing strategy, search engine marketing plays a vital role. It drives more qualified leads, increases the conversion rate and ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Since it strengthens your online presence, you cannot miss taking its advantage.

Our SEM professional service enables businesses to improve their returns from marketing investment.


Why We Are the Best?

Grazitti Interactive has a team of mavericks, trendsetters, and leaders looking after your search results. Let’s go through some of our work before you chose our search engine optimization specialists to work with you.


Refferal Marketing Company

Built high performing AdWords campaigns that increased traffic to the website


Enterprise Software Company

Paid media services with an effective cross platform strategy for improved website traffic and conversions


Real Estate Company

Technical SEO services that resulted in high user engagement and lead generation