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5 Best Tag Management Solutions You Should Consider for Your Website

May 12, 2020

4 minutes read

A tag is a code snippet that is used by companies on their website to gather data for analytics and digital marketing tools.

Tags help collect information related to user behavior and are used to create remarketing lists. You can even launch product functionality like advertising and chat using a tag.

5 Best Tag Management Solutions You Should Consider for Your Website

Tag Management – What is it?

Initially, every time a tag needed to be implemented, marketers had to raise a ticket to IT, which impeded their workflow. A tag management system helps marketers and analysts easily manage and update tags on a website, independent of the IT team.

Benefits of a Tag Management System

The digital marketing industry is on a continuous rise. Now tags have a vital and complex role to play in data tracking.

Tag management systems allow developers and marketers to implement a container tag as well as use a complete web interface to deploy, eliminate, or update an existing tag.

Manual coding led to numerous issues, which are overpowered by tag management that provides you with certain additional benefits too. The best part is it can be done without any technical skills required.

Listed below are the major benefits of a tag management system:

  • Reduced dependency on IT
  • Increased efficiency
  • Data accuracy
  • Improved performance
  • Matured landscape
  • Reduced costs

There is no dearth when it comes to the number of tag management systems available in the market. Also, each tag management system comes with its unique set of strengths.

In this blog post, we’ve listed the top 5 tag management systems that you must consider to give a head start to your TMS journey.

  1. Tealium iQ Tag Management System
  2. 5 Best Tag Management Solutions You Should Consider for Your Website

    Tealium iQ is an easy-to-manage tag management system, with a drag-and-drop interface. It helps digital marketers and analytics experts manage the page tags on their own. Thereby, saving their time and money, improving efficiency, and speeding up their website performance.

    Tealium manages all the tags across separate categories. Also, it has built-in turnkey integration with numerous well-known online vendors.

    Key features

    • Multiple turnkey integrations
    • Secure deployments
    • Strong privacy capabilities
    • Effective variables and load rules management

  3. Launch by Adobe
  4. 5 Best Tag Management Solutions You Should Consider for Your Website

    In 2013, Adobe had acquired Dynamic Tag Management (DTM), from which the company has now upgraded to Launch. Launch by Adobe is the most advanced tag management technology that helps unify your marketing ecosystem. Built on the Adobe Cloud Platform, Launch helps you easily access the required Extensions in a single catalog.

    With these Extensions, your website can easily support additional web technologies. IT and marketers can setup and implement these technologies using the clean user interface, while saving a lot of their time.

    Key features

    • User-friendly interface
    • Costs zero to Adobe Marketing Cloud customers
    • Timely tag deployment and data capture with marketing-friendly rule builder
    • Faster deployment with extension catalog

  5. Google Tag Manager
  6. 5 Best Tag Management Solutions You Should Consider for Your Website

    Google Tag Manager (GTM) was first introduced in 2012, and has become one of most popular TMS solutions ever since. With GTM, you can easily add and update various tags such as Google AdWords tags, DoubleClick Floodlight tags, and Google Analytics tags. You can even add certain third-party tags directly from the TMS.

    Key features

    • Free and easy testing
    • IT & marketing-friendly
    • Convenient preview mode
    • Multi-account support

  7. Ensighten Manage
  8. 5 Best Tag Management Solutions You Should Consider for Your Website

    Ensighten Manage is a tag management technology that helps marketers in martech stack optimization, thus enhancing website engagement, boosting existing investment value, and improving conversions.

    Manage works the best in highly secure, process-driven, and collaborative environments.

    Key features

    • Properly-defined user roles and security access
    • Reliable data centers
    • Mobile App user engagement tracking
    • Omnichannel first party data capture

  9. TagCommander
  10. 5 Best Tag Management Solutions You Should Consider for Your Website

    Tag Commander is a product of Commanders Act that helps manage all marketing tags within a unique web interface. This enterprise-level tag management tool has a pre-loaded tag library that ensures compatibility with all the tags on the market.

    Tag Commander can be easily used by technical as well as non-technical people. It also allows for easy mobile tagging. You can launch a new solution in a few minutes using this tag management system.

    Key features

    • Enterprise-level support and service
    • Intuitive workflows
    • Full audit trails
    • Role-based permissions
    • 800+ built-in turnkey templates
    • Wizard-driven interface (friendly for non-technical people)


Vendors are continually introducing innovative digital marketing solutions. This means that the tag management industry will continue to expand.

To make successful digital marketing efforts, you need to master tag management, no matter which TMS you choose for your business.

Don’t know how to implement a TMS? Contact Us Now.

Before you implement a TMS, you need to conduct a sample tag audit. Our team of TMS experts will help you determine what technologies are deployed for now, while also building a tag management strategy for your business. Send us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you soon.