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Digital Marketing

Driving Effective Digital Marketing for a Global Virtual Event

Apr 07, 2021

3 minutes read

“We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months.” – Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

Engaging prospects and customers with virtual events is now an effective B2B marketing strategy.

Research shows that virtual events have grown by 1000%.

Complementing this growth has been the success rate of virtual events.

In fact, 80% of business owners attribute their success to this digital transformation.

In this blog post, we look at how you can drive effective digital marketing for your virtual event, as well as how Grazitti enabled PANIIT USA to do so for their virtual alumni conference, IIT2020.

So let’s get started!


How Do I Drive Effective Digital Marketing for Virtual Events?

1. Marketing and Content Distribution

Notify your target audience with event registration details in order to generate interest.

Use content pieces in the form of eBooks, infographics, and podcasts to introduce topics that you’ll be covering during the event.

Last but not least, build an effective content distribution strategy to expand your reach on digital platforms.

2. Landing Pages

Serve unique content to visitors and lead them to click your CTA on your landing page.

Create this page as a one-stop destination for attendees to enable them to register for your virtual event.

Categorize general information on this page into sections such as ‘Date and Time’, ‘Speaker Bio’, ‘Form to Register’, and ‘Payment Information’.

3. Social Media Marketing

Every social media platform offers a distinct way to market a virtual event.

Once you’ve drafted content, it’s important to market it on relevant social media platforms.

‘Create an event’ for your target audience on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Use Instagram Countdowns, Stories, and Direct Messages to promote your event.

4. Paid Search Campaigns

Promoting your virtual event with search engine marketing involves different social media platforms and varied objectives.

For instance, promoting your event on LinkedIn by launching conversion campaigns will enable you to maximize event registrations.

Use Google Conversion Tracking, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel Tracking to launch advanced paid campaigns.

5. Email Marketing Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Follow up with attendees post-event, especially if they’re your target audience for most events.

Share speakers’ contact information, conduct a post-event survey, compile event recordings into a digital library, and send certificates of participation to attendees.

You can also add plenty of weight to your email marketing campaigns with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

It enables you to follow-up on potential prospects and nurture leads, helping you drive a higher ROI.

Let’s now look at how Grazitti enabled PANIIT USA to drive effective marketing for their virtual conference, IIT2020.

How Grazitti Drove Effective Digital Marketing for a Global Virtual Event?

PANIIT USA is an umbrella organization of IIT alumni based in the United States.

Grazitti recently took on the responsibility of digital marketing for PANIIT USA’s alumni conference, IIT2020.

The objective here was to improve branding for IIT2020 and maximize online event registrations.

Grazitti supported PANIIT USA with:

a. Paid campaigns integrated with the Eventbrite platform

b. An organic social media campaign with promotion across platforms

c. Real-time social media coverage of the two-day event

d. Social media ads across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

e.Email marketing using Salesforce Marketing Cloud

f. Search engine marketing with Google Ads

The Outcome and Highlights

The IIT2020 event recorded more than 16,000 online event registrations.

In addition to this, more than 2 million social media impressions were recorded.

Furthermore, there was a substantial increase in PANIIT USA’s followers across social media platforms.

Key Takeaway

Engage with your audience prior to the event, address their queries while the event is ongoing, and let them have a say post the event.

Make your audience a part of your event right from the beginning, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a highly-engaging experience with virtual events.

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