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Digital Marketing

Google Advanced Search Excellence Workshop Recap

Nov 29, 2019

3 minutes read

Google recently held an exclusive invite-only workshop called Expert Series 2019 – Search Advanced. As Google Partners, Grazitti was fortunate to be a part of this. The workshop talked about aligning a smart bidding strategy and driving efficiency across clicks or conversions.

It offered an exhaustive overview of developing Google ads Product features that are changing the strategy behind paid search management.

Let’s take a look at some of the smart suggestions offered:

Account Structure and Search Hygiene

Experts stressed on a 3-step approach for an optimal account structure and said, “the simpler it is, the easier it will be to manage.”


Let’s see what has changed!

Earlier, an individual campaign had different fields that had to be handled manually. This has now switched to smart bidding with all match types, devices, audiences and DSAs (dynamic search ads) in a single campaign.


Choosing the Right Bidding Option For You

Google now has advanced machine learning technology that gets you more profit from your PPC dollars. If you have some campaigns to try this on, it’s important to choose the right smart bidding option.


Here are some smart bidding strategies:

  • Maximize Conversions

This strategy helps drive as many conversions as possible for your budget.

  • Target CPA

If you have a realistic CPA target and you are good at customizing bids for every auction, this strategy has the potential to garner better ROI and enhance CPC.

  • Target ROAS

If you have your conversion data set to report on ROAS, this version of Target CPA is more precise.

  • Smart Creatives

You cannot expect to count on automation and do its magic if your ad creatives are not amazing.

Smart Creatives include different types of creative features:

  • Responsive Display Ads

You just upload your assets—logos, images, headlines, and descriptions—and Google Ads will automatically generate ads on the Google Display Network.

  • Dynamic Search Ads

For any account, dynamic search ads are good to expand your reach. These use your website content to target ads and are ideal to fill in the gaps of your keyword based campaigns.

  • Responsive Search Ads

It is based on the idea of displaying different combinations of headlines and descriptions which target more relevant messages. Google automatically tests which combination performs better.

In short, before you turn on Google Ads automation, ensure that your ad creatives are great and that you have good results, either CPA or ROAS.

Switch to Non-Last Click Attribution Model

The experts at the workshop also advised to shift to non-last click attribution model as it distributes equal credit for conversion across all clicks on the path.

This lets you know the value of all the touchpoints that a user goes through before conversion.

The Bottom Line

The strategies mentioned above promise more incremental conversions for less effort. The three smart suggestions enable you to exert oversight without spending much extra time.

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