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Google Marketing Live 2019: Discovery Ads, Smart Bidding and Much More…

Nov 29, 2019

4 minutes read

Today, I am excited to watch the live streaming of Google Marketing Live 2019 that took place in San Francisco. Google announced a ton of new innovations like Discovery ads, gallery ads for search, deep linked ads, smart bidding and much more.

Google marketing live

Let’s take a look at all of these in detail:

Discovery Ads

Earlier in beta, these ads are now available to all advertisers. Discovery ads use the power of intent and appear in multiple Google feed environments. You simply need to feed the system with an ad copy and creative assets, machine learning will do the rest and expand your reach across different Google properties. Worth a try, isn’t it?


Gallery Ads for Search

An incredible ad format, Gallery ads will appear on top of mobile search ads. These ads will offer compelling images (4-8 images) and text—up to 70 character taglines. A user can click on any of the images and will then be taken to the particular web page.

Gallery Ads for Search

Deep Linked Ads

Consider this—you are searching for a product on your mobile phone. But, instead of the merchant’s mobile app opening, you are taken to their mobile website. I am certain this has happened to almost everyone.

The product engineers at Google have finally heard our complaints and have introduced Deep Linked ads. With these ads, app users who tap your search, display, or shopping ad will be taken to the app instead of the mobile site. This means better user experience and happy customers. From an advertisers point of view, this is a wish come true and they would be able to increase the ROI.

 Deep Linking in Google Ads

Smart Bidding

If you create different types of campaigns with different objectives to measure the conversion value, now is the time to move from account level conversions to campaign level conversions. You can assign different conversion actions at the campaign level. Interestingly, you can also bucket these conversions into one group and assign them to particular campaigns to meet your marketing goals.

Using Smart Bidding, you can enable store visit conversions with a specific conversion value too. Also, for seasonality campaigns when you offer discounts on your products, Smart Bidding will optimize the campaign for that limited time period and that data will not coincide with the rest of the data during the regular season.

Bumper Machine for Bumper Ads

A new tool called Bumper Machine will soon be available which will help you create Bumper Ads from within Google Ads. All you need to do is provide the system with your YouTube video (less than 90 seconds) and machine learning will do the rest of the magic. It will show you about 5-6 bumper ads that you can choose to add in your campaign.

Custom Audiences

Soon Custom Affinity and Custom Intent will be merged into a single setting called Custom Audiences. You can feed the system with specific areas of interest and Google Ads will automatically show you the relevant keywords, and approximate user reach to target your niche audiences. On top of this, an Audience Expansion Tool will be provided to expand your reach and achieve your marketing goals.

Google Shopping Announcements

The new Google Shopping experience will allow consumers to compare millions of products at one place. They will be able to purchase products online via the website, or by going to their nearby store, or even purchase directly on Google, backed up by Google Guarantee. This shopping cart functionality will extend towards Google Assistant, using voice. Users can also purchase directly from Google search. Moreover, users can also purchase a product by watching the video itself. Amazing isn’t it?

All in all, great innovations as expected from Google Marketing Live. It would be interesting to use all these features and see how valuable they can be for marketers as well as consumers.

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