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Digital Marketing

SEO Tool Guide for Enterprises

Nov 29, 2019

4 minutes read

Do you own a large enterprise with a website consisting of thousands of pages?

Do you struggle to scale your SEO due to the large volume of pages and so many complexities involved?

This blog post talks about the unique SEO considerations that enterprise companies should look into. It helps you figure out if your business needs specific tools for scaling SEO efficiently across the enterprise.

SEO Tools

Introduction to SEO Market

Over the decade, Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs) have evolved from simple blue links to even more dynamic view. SEO has now flourished to sponsored ads flashing at the top of the page, and more than 20 other SERP elements like featured snippets, relevant search queries, and direct answers.

With an almost 6% yearly increase in the organic search visits in 2018, driven by the proliferation of mobile phones, SEO is developing year on year.

This shows marketing is a key part of any modern business approach today. With hundreds, thousands and even millions of pages, sites, and keywords to optimize and manage, enterprise SEO has become increasingly complicated and time-consuming.

However, using an SEO enterprise software can double your efficiency and productivity while reducing the errors and time involved in managing organic search campaigns.

But, before choosing any SEO tool, it is important to evaluate your business needs. Understanding your recent marketing processes and knowing how to measure the success or being able to recognize the improvements you need to make, can guide you well in the decision-making process.

Let’s check if your business needs enterprise-level SEO tools and how it can make a difference:

Enterprise SEO Platform Capabilities

SEO tools come in different categories, from keyword research tools to full-service solutions that manage links, keywords, international rankings, competitive advantage, workflow rights, and roles. But, they should have some core capabilities:

  • Custom site crawls
  • Social signal tracking
  • Competitive intelligence
  • APIs for third-party data management and integration
  • Keyword research and rankings
  • ROI forecasting and/or predictive analytics

In addition to this, enterprise tools may also offer more extensive link and site analytics that includes a predictive scoring system to recognize potential opportunities and improve the brand’s website or link authority.

Here are some of the capabilities and key considerations involved in choosing an enterprise SEO platform:

SEO Tools

Why do Enterprises Need It?

While there are different enterprise SEO platforms, each of them has its own benefits. You need to choose one as per your business requirements.

To understand how different enterprise SEO is from SMB SEO, let’s start with an enterprise example. IBM is one of the finest enterprise company with over $80 billion in revenue and more than 35, 000 employees. The brand covers 19 industries and is in 170 countries. Their site has over 6,000 web pages. Now, how can IBM optimize so many web pages efficiently?

It requires really robust, big, and scalable SEO solutions.

An idea of how much companies are spending on SEO can help you figure out if Enterprise-level SEO tools would work for your business.

SEO Expense and Priorities

More than half of the surveyed enterprises spend above $5000 a month on SEO and for around 40% of respondents, content development was the main SEO issue in 2018.

Let’s have a look at some of the findings of the research to assess the SEO industry’s trends, in terms of spending and priorities, challenges and measurements and analysis parameters in the graph below:

SEO Tools


The graphical representation shows a significant amount spent on SEO by enterprises.

  • 11% of enterprises had a monthly SEO budget of less than $1,000
  • 20% of enterprises budgeted SEO between $5,000 to $10,000 per month
  • 45% of SEO enterprises had a budget of $20k+

Does Your Company Need an Enterprise SEO Platform?

Deciding if your company needs an enterprise-level SEO platform or not calls for a complete assessment of your company’s business needs, management support, staff capabilities, and financial resources.

However, anytime you think about choosing a new software tool, just consider these two things:

1. First, question yourself: How will this tool increase your company’s bottom line? An SEO tool might have the greatest technology, but it should eventually increase your profits. Ensure it fits into your strategy and goals.

2. Secondly, will it solve your problems or will it cause more problems? No matter the tool, if it can resolve some issues, it may complicate them too. So, you need to identify exactly what problems each tool creates and serves.


In summation, enterprise SEO is different. If your website has over 1000 pages, you need to build scalability in your SEO program and be effective. Pay attention to ROI. Getting executive buy-in for your proposed budget is easier if you put yourself into the mindset of the C-Suite.

But, before paying for an enterprise SEO platform, the critical part is to choose the potential vendors who are experts in their space.

Are You Looking For an Enterprise-Level SEO Platform?

Grazitti Interactive has been a leader in developing strategies that enable large enterprises to get more from their SEO tools. Since 2007, Grazitti Interactive® has been assisting businesses, including Fortune 500s, to add to their marketing and sales efforts. To know more, drop us a line at [email protected].