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Digital Marketing

Transforming Digital Marketing With Artificial Intelligence

Jan 15, 2020

3 minutes read

Whether or not we adapt ourselves to it, artificial intelligence has already made global inroads.

In fact, 80% of marketing executives predict that AI will become a revolutionizing factor in their respective industries.

“AI will become pervasive throughout B2B marketing efforts, improving performance and increasing efficiency throughout the entire buyer’s journey.”

– Senior Director of Product Marketing for Marketo Digital Experience, Adobe

So, how exactly will this happen?

And what does artificial intelligence have to offer in terms of enhancing business success?

Let’s find out.

Transforming Digital Marketing With Artificial Intelligence

Identification of Prospective Customers

Finding customers in the B2B industry can be tricky since you need to target your audience more specifically when compared with B2C marketing.

This is where AI comes in. For instance, it can help you follow a prospect’s behavior across multiple touchpoints & use predictive analytics to assess how likely they are to buy.

This means that you can follow customer behavior to monitor their life-cycle across various points of contact & across devices as well.

By using AI to find data patterns, you can also create a predictive model to target qualified leads & boost your chances of conversion.

Maximization of ROI

As with the adoption of any new software, incorporating artificial intelligence into the marketing process requires the investment of resources. The benefits to be reaped from investing, however, are manifold.

Did you know that the top three AI & marketing applications with the highest profit potential are currently search, customer segmentation, & recommendation engines?

In fact, tech giant IBM cut down on its average cost per click by 31% with the incorporation of artificial intelligence into marketing processes.

Personalization of Marketing Campaigns

Research shows that 68% of B2B marketers deliver personalized content.

Do you?

Personalization lies at the core of an effective & engaging marketing strategy. By integrating AI software into your business, you can launch highly personalized marketing campaigns.

Once a prospective customer’s data has been collected, you can target them with hyper-personalized content.

You can then evaluate marketing content such as webpages, blogs, e-mails, & eBooks to pinpoint material that will be most effective for lead conversion.

For instance, when a prospect clicks the CTA button in a marketing e-mail, it would lead to a webpage that has been ‘picked’ to appeal specifically to them.

Optimization of the Buyer’s Journey

Artificial intelligence will be at the forefront of the effort to provide seamless support to customers across their buying journey.

As a matter of fact, an intelligent buyer’s journey is likely to be one of the most transformative outcomes of the implementation of AI in marketing.

One of the benefits of using AI to finetune your marketing strategy is increased customer reach.

For instance, targeted ads, as well as re-targeting, can help you turn a potential lead into a loyal customer.

Additionally, AI can help you optimize the customer buying process with chatbots. This smoothens the effective addressing of customer queries.

Use the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Transform Marketing

AI can help you in a number of ways to enhance business success. In fact, marketers across the B2B industry are already harnessing this powerful innovation.

Like every technological advancement that transforms marketing, artificial intelligence is yet another link in the continuing chain of human innovation. And marketing strategies will have to either keep up, innovate or perish.

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